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August - November 2014
Adam and Heidi go across the U.S. on trains, retreat at monasteries,
and live in Jerusalem and Rome. Attempting to be "guests" for the entirety.
Discovering new ways of looking at humans' relationships with each other and their spaces

I celebrated my 32nd birthday by officiating a wedding for my cousin, Matt Rowles, and his wife, Elizabeth Wyatt Rowles. It turns out that the destination was much more comfortable than the journey.

Let me say it clearly: Matt and Lizzie are an awesome couple and NONE of the weekend's calamities had anything to do with them.

The weekend was layers upon layers: I'm not just a minister; I'm a computer programmer and a geographer. Those commitments filled my week leading up to the journey to Iowa for the wedding. The weekend was also made up of other layers: the trip with Heidi, the logistics of leaving our pets at home and arranging for their care, even - to some extent - the momentous family reunion and all the different times we re-enacted it that weekend.

It was GREAT.

Except for the calamity that I introduced.

I left Chicago and headed to Iowa for the weekend and thought I was ready. I had a plan. I had the ceremony. I had the sermon. I knew where I was going.

And when I arrived at the hotel in Des Moines, I realized I'd left all of my dress clothes and vestments hanging by the front door at home.

Luckily, my support network is huge. One of my minister friends in Iowa, Rev. Travis Stanley at Norwalk Christian Church, had a stole for me for the weekend. I also have a very resourceful brother (Luke Frieberg) who had a local clothier in Beaverdale, The Backroom Clothing. Our suit choice at 10am and the rush tailoring over the lunch hour meant that the wedding at 4:30pm was every bit as focused as it should have been.

Even in the midst of the preacher's worst nightmare, it's really not that bad.

Thanks all!

Here's Heidi and I during a break between the ceremony and reception. Thanks Travis and Luke!