Adam Frieberg
Minister, Computer Programmer, Geographer, Photographer

captures, reflections, sketches of and about images Even though Adam lacks classical training, he tries to pay attention an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Adam serves the church and the world, experimenting with non-traditional models of ministry "didn't I already solve this once?"
the reminders of frontend (JS/TS), backend (C#), database (T-SQL)
issues and how Adam has solved them
August - November 2014
Adam and Heidi go across the U.S. on trains, retreat at monasteries,
and live in Jerusalem and Rome. Attempting to be "guests" for the entirety.
Discovering new ways of looking at humans' relationships with each other and their spaces

For those who haven't heard the "Fiasco!" episode on This American Life -- it's worth a listen:

Saturday morning I went on a bike ride. It did not turn out like expected. Some gravel / sandy snow-melt proved to be the thing I should have been paying more attention to. Brakes were applied, but I was still going too fast in the turn.

The video captures much of it.

Bad news was that water and band-aids weren't enough for the gouge in my arm. Two washings + the campus safety officer at Heidi's writing conference confirmed: I needed a doctor to examine it.

I'll end up needing to heal from the inside-out, rather than having the 0.5" hole sown shut. As he said, "with all of that shredded skin around it, we'd just be locking the infection in." Luckily my knee, elbow and shoulder are all structurally intact and no surgeries will be required. Pain killers + antibiotics are in my future ... as is the good dose of humility that I obviously needed.